Congratulations to the girls track team on its second-place finish and the boys track team on its third-place finish at the Lake Region Conference track meet in Ipswich!

Jessica Boekelheide, 100-meter dash, first place, 12.72

Ella Boekelheide, 100-meter dash, fourth place, 13.8

Jessica Boekelheide, 200-meter dash, first place, 26.76

Ashley Haven, 200-meter dash, fifth place, 29.12

Jessica Boekelheide, 400-meter dash, first place, 1:01.57

Ella Haven, 400-meter dash, fourth place, 1:05.7

Ella Boekelheide, 800-meter run, first place, 2:28.35

Ella Boekelheide, 1600-meter run, first place, 5:29.34

Tara Blachford, 1600-meter run, eighth place, 6:17.94

Mikaela Schmitt, 100-meter hurdles, sixth place, 19.24

Sienna Kessler, 300-meter hurdles, fifth place, 55.31

400-meter relay (Payton Grandpre, Ashley Haven, Ella Haven, Jessica Boekelheide), first place, 52.5

800-meter relay (Payton Grandpre, Josie Sparling, Sienna Kessler, Brooklinn Halvorson), third place, 2:01.4

1600-meter relay (Payton Grandpre, Ella Boekelheide, Ella Haven, Ashley Haven), first place, 4:25.54

Medley relay (Brooklinn Halvorson, Josie Sparling, Payton Grandpre, Tara Blachford), third place, 5:01.9

Ashley Haven, long jump, third place, 14-4.25

Brooklinn Halvorson, long jump, seventh place, 13-5.25

Ella Haven, triple jump, first place, 32-0

Tara Blachford, triple jump, seventh place, 28-1.75

Ana Ratigan, shot put, third place, 30-1

Ana Ratigan, discus, fifth place, 83-6

Ethan Boekelheide, 400-meter dash, fifth place, 54.26

Josh Thorson, 400-meter dash, seventh place, 54.68

Nathan Melius, 800-meter run, fourth place, 2:07.75

Lincoln Woodring, 800-meter run, sixth place, 2:08.5

Lincoln Woodring, 1600-meter run, first place, 4:49.06

Justin Haven, 1600-meter run, fifth place, 4:53.72

Nathan Melius, 300-meter hurdles, third place, 45.79

400-meter relay (James Bergalowski, Samuel Groft, Jude Ortmeier, Jamal Anches Gallego), sixth place, 49.6

800-meter relay (Josh Thorson, James Bergalowski, Rennan Bruns, Patrick Olson), sixth place, 1:47.8

1600-meter relay (Josh Thorson, Quintin Fischbach, Nathan Melius, Ethan Boekelheide), fifth place, 3:48.57

3200-meter relay (Justin Haven, Ethan Boekelheide, Nathan Melius, Lincoln Woodring), third place, 9:05.05

Medley relay (Patrick Olson, Rennan Bruns, Jamal Anches Gallego, Aaron Blachford), fifth place, 4:19.76

Quintin Fischbach, high jump, first place, 5-5

Aaron Blachford, high jump, third place, 5-1

Samuel Groft, high jump, fourth place, 5-2

Quintin Fischbach, long jump, eighth place, 17-9

Ethan Boekelheide, triple jump, second place, 37-6

Quintin Fischbach, triple jump, fourth place, 36-4

Samuel Groft, triple jump, fifth place, 35-10

Jude Ortmeier, shot put, fifth place, 41-1

Chase Neiber, shot put, sixth place, 40-1.25

Dustin Dirksen, discus, sixth place, 115-8