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Derek Boekelheide
Asst. Cross Country
Kris Boekelheide
Cross Country
Scott Boone
6-12 Social Studies/Asst. Football/Girls Track
605-887-3467 x1016
Karla Borge
Title I
605-887-3467 x1028
Shelly Borge
Bus Driver
Jenna Brinkman
Business Manager
605-887-3467 x1004
Mary Bullock
Special Education Paraprofessional
605-887-3467 x1008
Bunny Carda
Elementary Librarian/Paraprofessional
605-887-3467 x1012
Christy Cardella
Middle School Language Arts
605-887-3467 x1024
Jessica Cihak
Vocal Music K-12
605-887-3467 x1018
Bill Clemens
Transportation Director/ Head Custodian/MS Boys Basketball
Denise Clemens
8th Grade/High School Science/Asst. Girls Basketball/Robotics
605-887-3467 x1023
Earon Cooper
Bus Driver
Shelley Fischbach
Tech/Computers, Librarian, 7th Math, 6th Lit
605-887-3467 x1007
Anne Frericks
9-12 Business, Computers
605-887-3467 x1022
Wanda Gabel
Emma Grandpre
Asst. Volleyball
Heather Grandpre
Nora Groft
High School Language Arts/Athletic Director/Volleyball
605-887-3467 x1019
Amber Haessig
Kitchen staff
605-887-3467 x1101